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Mike Pollack, Information Systems Manager, Full Life Care

Cheryl Rody, Secretary

Sierra College and University of Alaska - Anthropology Major

I have spent most of my working life in the corporate legal arena and am now interested in putting my efforts into nonprofit organizations.  I am proud to be of service to the STAR Center, and I support its mission in providing computer access and assistive technology to the community.  I enjoy working with the staff, volunteers, and the people who visit the Center.  

I am a member of St. James Cathedral and participate in various outreach and pastoral care ministries.  I enjoy art, music, and literature, and taking long walks with my two dachshunds, Humphrey and Daisy.

Galina Dadiomova, Technology Instructor

Master of Education, Jones International University (USA), summa cum laude

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute (Russia)

I was born and raised in Russia, and I have lived in Estonia, Israel, and the United States since.

I worked for more than 20 years in software development, in areas such as database administration, internet security, system simulation, software testing, and other roles, most recently at Microsoft. 

I believe that everyone can use computer technologies, with no limitation of age, language, education, health, technical skills, or any other factors. Among my students are people with disabilities, elderly people, and minimal English speakers.

I am passionate about educating people and sharing new technologies with them.  In creating my teaching style, I make sure to absorb various lifestyles, languages, cultures, and learning styles.

Apart from teaching, I like traveling, reading, photography, music, and cooking.

My goal is to improve people's computer skills for the use of computer technologies in daily life and to give equal opportunities to use computers for people of different socioeconomic and education levels, learning and lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds.

Advisory Board

Thomas Ross, Advisory Board President, STAR Center Co-founder, and Assistive Technology Specialist

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Seattle University)

Former Chair of Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)

I'm interested in helping people explore appropriate computer-based assistive technology, with specific experience with speech recognition technology.  

Typing on a computer doesn't need be tedious anymore!  :-)  Come and check it out!

Dorene Cornwell

 BA in Slavic Languages and Literature and an MA in Russian studies

 I have a long work background in academic technical support and health care / social services data analysis. 

Lifelong struggles with vision issues and midlife medical events, made it necessary for me to learn to use assistive technology including screen reading, screen enlargement, Braille, and various approaches to accessible electronic content.  I am very grateful to the community of people at the STAR Center for all the ways their experience, laughter, and energy have helped with this adjustment. 

Recently I have helped coordinate several multicultural projects related to disaster preparedness and digital inclusion. Someone I met recently says project coordination is about making interesting things happen and writing about them. I like projects, that have an impact on people’s lives, that help people discover new possibilities offered by technology and training.


Additional Interests: Digital Inclusion, Languages and language access, walkability, accessibility, transportation, broadband technology,  disaster preparedness.


Personal blog with additional resources

Lisa Maurer

University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology major

Although I am visually impaired, I enjoy life, go places with friends, take part in church activities, write poems and stories, knit, crochet, and sew.  I enjoy working on my computer, building websites, and writing email letters and other activities to support some of my favorite wild life and environmental protection organizations.  

Years ago I learned JAWS at the STAR Center and began accessing the internet. I am grateful for the STAR Center, and I am happy to volunteer.

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